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Sunday, March 21, 2010

i'm a cyborg, but that's ok (film critique)

Director:  Park Chan-wook
Starring:  Im Su-jeong, Bi (Rain)

I just finished this wonderful film for the second time.  John has begun watching Korean dramas with me recently, and I took the opportunity to throw in a Korean movie for his response, as well.  Like me, he really liked the movie.

I haven't yet seen any other movies by this director, but the experience of I'm a cyborg certainly makes me want to hunt them down. I feel this movie is a mix between a Tim Burton film, such as Edward Scissorhands, and The Princess and the Warrior, directed by Tom Tykwer.

A short plot summary, found here:
Cyborg is the story of Cha Young-goon (Lim Su-jeong), a disturbed girl from a disturbed family, who insists that she’s a cyborg. So Young-goon is admitted to an asylum, carrying with her her grandmother’s dentures, which she uses to strike up conversations with the vending machine or the hospital lights.

Young-goon’s attention soon turns to inmate Park Il-soon (Jung Ji-hoon a.k.a Rain), as he purports to be a thief capable of stealing personality traits from other inmates. Young-goon wants Il-soon to steal her sense of sympathy, so that she can do what any moral cyborg must do and kill all the “white ‘uns”, i.e: orderlies.

Of more immediate concern is that Young-goon refuses to eat, instead relying on licking batteries to provide energy. As it becomes clear that she’ll die if not treated, only Il-soon might provide the solution that escapes the doctors.

Definitely a keeper for my own collection.

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