philosophy at age eight

“If you cannot control your peanut butter, you cannot expect to control your life.”
~ Judah-ism

Sunday, March 23, 2014

dear diary

Today is the 3 week mark of Neato's brush becoming clogged with debris. Each afternoon, he wheels out of his base, revs up to take on the world of household debris, and realizes -- once again -- that his brush is stuck.

"Please free my brush of debris," he beeps politely. Again. And again, we ignore him and eventually nudge him back to his base to make sure he's charged for tomorrow's aborted attempt to rid our lives of household dust and kitty litter.

Chouji, the Roomba
I tried once to free his brush around week 1, but couldn't figure out how to open him up. Neato's predecessor, Chouji the Roomba, was so straightforward. I am bitter, but apathetically. Johnny's our household mechanic, and will probably eventually notice the problem around week 5 and fix it in a jiffy. Until then, I silently feel sorry for myself.

I've begun sweeping again, with a broom. It has a long handle and takes arm muscles to make work. The novelty of doing manual labor the old fashioned way wore off quickly. I try to talk other people into clearing brush-debris.

"I'm glad Neato's broken, his motor's too loud," grumbles my daughter, every time I complain.

"Then come use this old timey broom-thingy and do his job," says I. She laughs. Neato, 6 inches from his base and frozen there, beeps a reminder that he's ready to get back to work, just as soon as we clear his brush.

I sigh and take a swipe with the broom across the dinning room floor. Life shouldn't be this hard.

Friday, February 28, 2014

bestest b-day :D

Happy birthday to me! Two more years to 40.

It's been the best birthday ever, so far.
My present! :D
1.) I'm spending it with my favorite people every (Johnny and the kids), and they're doing everything I tell them to do.  *Evil grin.*
2.) Today is the day that the renter of the unattached garage/mother-in-law is supposed to be moving out, and we are going to acquire it. John and I are on pins-and-needles, because we can't wait to see inside! If it's big enough, we may move our bedroom out there and leave the house to the teenagers; good riddance! The bad news is, it's noon and there is not a single sign that he's packed a single box, much less ordered a moving truck. 
3.) Yesterday I received the formal offer for a new role at my company that I recently applied for.  There are many upsides to this new role, including that:

  • It's a brand new marketing & sales Writing/Editing team. I love that I will be more focused on business writing and editing versus portfolio account management. I also love that it's a new team that's still hammering out its scope of services, so it's a little entrepreneurial in spirit and will remain so for a couple years to come. But once the dust settles, I'll be in a leadership role and will be very well placed for success. 
  • It's a manager role with a big raise. So we can finally start thinking about buying our own house. 
  • It's a full-time, work-at-home position. No more commute! Or rather, my commute will be stepping out of the Mother-in-law (brrr!), into the house and upstairs to a tiny, extra bedroom that I'll convert into my at-home office. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

kittycat pattycake

Sunday, February 9, 2014

nine (korean drama)

Nine (Otherwise known as Nine: 9 Times Time Travel / Nine: Nine Time Travels) (2013)
Director: Kim Byung Soo
Starring: Lee Jin Wook (Powerful Opponents), Jo Yoon Hee

Synopsis, found here:
Anchorman Park Sun Woo (Lee Jin Wook) is consumed by a family tragedy that haunts him to this day. One day, he stumbles upon a mystical gift of nine incense, each with the ability to send him back into time. Sun Woo begins to weave in and out of history, creating shockwaves that unravel the fabric of time. Meanwhile, his brother Park Jung Woo (Jeon No Min) is revealed to be at the center of the tragedy. Can he avenge his family and win back the love of junior reporter Joo Min Young (Jo Yoon Hee)? Only time can tell in this thrilling adventure of possibilities.


I was surprised how little fanfare this drama got. It actually slipped right by me with barely a flicker. Perhaps I was not in the right place at the right time. I discovered the drama after the fact by searching for action/ adventure dramas on DramaFever. To be honest, the description put me off slightly, with such a sheepish premise.  Incense stick time machine?! However, since I had really liked Lee Jin Wook in Powerful Opponents (2008), I put it in my queue and forgot about it for months.

As happens, I reached my tolerance threshold for cutsie romantic comedies, and went looking for something serious and intense. I'm really glad I gave Nine a chance, because it's my favorite Kdrama of 2013, hands down. Despite what you'd expect from the description, I found it to have a unique story, and to carry both emotional and intelligent elements with finesse. The pacing was a bit slow for me, as always with Korean dramas, but less so than many I've seen, and it wasn't bad enough to prevent me from watching the entire show in a single weekend. Shit, was I a wrung-out dish towel at the end of that stint.

Park Sun Woo, main male lead, is a news anchorman who just
learned he's got about 3 months to live. 
Park Sun Woo (played by Lee Jin Wook) was a very compelling character. So were his ears -- you could always tell things were getting emotional when they started popping up and down. Pretty fascinating stuff.  He was very well-rounded and engaging, nothing over-acted and always sympathetic.

Park Sun Woo's best friend and doctor, Han Young Hoon, was a great character. The actor they got to play him as a teenager was a perfect piece of casting. Young Hoon provided comedy and an emotional foil for Sun Woo; he grounded the show. While Sun Woo flipped around to past and present, plotting to save his brother, save his father (everyone but himself), Young Hoon kept him and those of us watching grounded in reality. Even while he raved about God and Devils. 

Park Sun Woo and his friend, Han Young Hoon
Han Young Hoon (teenage version)

Beside an overacting villain, the only ho-hum part of Nine was the female lead, Joo Min Young, played by Jo Yoon Hee. I found her character surprisingly boring. I wondered why anyone would suffer such flaming passion for such a boring person. I don't know if it's the writing of the female lead or the actress. She wasn't unconvincing, emotion-wise... simply not compelling.  Especially lined up against Park Sun Woo.

After the emotional roller coaster of episodes 1-19, the final episode (20) wrapped up the show in such a perfect way. I'm too used to the last episode of Korean dramas absolutely ruining the show for me, so this is worth mentioning. (See Iris, A love to kill, I'm sorry, I love you, Chuno and so many others...) But Nine ends ends on the perfect note.  This almost never happens. Bravo.

My husband and I are still trying to pinpoint what implications of the very last scene are. He believes one thing... I see it as being somewhat open for interpretation. :)  What do you think it meant?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

ignore the fan-girl squeee

September 14, 2013, update:
I am so glad I spent 1.5+ hours in line, in the middle of the street in downtown Seattle right outside the Paramount Theatre, for the chance to watch this event. My sister and her girlfriend joined as well.

It was my favorite part of PAX 2013.

Here's a little video I cobbled together from videos I took before I was laughing too hard to bother trying to memorex the moment.

July 19, 2013:  I just learned that Patrick Rothfuss, favorite author (Name of the Wind and A Wise Man's Fear) and entertainer of mine, will be coming to the Penny Arcade Convention (PAX) in Seattle this year.  My entire family, as well as my sister's, has made an annual pilgrimage to enjoy this con's barrage of cos players, crowded vendor halls, sneak-peeks of upcoming new games, gaming rooms (where I once spent hours discovering Bejeweled, of all things), gamer & nerd panels, concerts and -- simply -- all things nerd. It's a magical 3 days, even for a non-gamer like myself. And the addition of one of my favorite authors to play in a live D&D game means I'm going to have to give watching this event a try, too.

It'll be a new one for me, but since I used to love playing D&D, it can't be too bad watching someone else make a fool of themselves in front of a huge crowd, right? :)

Friday, July 26, 2013


Thanks, sis, for the link to this tasty trip down memory lane. I thought, since I didn't have a television growing up, that I was pretty out of touch with pop culture. But turns out there was only 3 out of the list of 53 Things Only 80's Girls Can Understand (on BuzzFeed Rewind) that I didn't recognize.

I wish I could find those Lip Smackers. Savvy professional woman that I can (hrck!), I'd wear them in a heartbeat. 

Pucker up : *

Thursday, May 9, 2013

what awaits to trip you... you stumble toward the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Originally published June 2012
Edited May 2013 to include the latest scariness, intrepidly snapped by my daughter: