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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the world that they live in (korean drama)

The world that they live in (aka: Worlds Within) (2008)
Directors: Pyo Min Soo, Kim Kyu Tae
Starring: Hyun Bin (Snow Queen and My Name is Kim Sam-Soon) and Song Hye Kyo (Full House and All In)

Synopsis, found here:
Joo Joon-Young (Song Hye-Gyo) and Jung Ji-Oh (Hyun Bin) are insatiable PD's at KBS and want nothing but perfection in their work. Unfortunately, this perfection doesn't stretch very far especially as they watch each other's love lives fall apart. While the two once dated each other it's clear that their current focus is on their work... until they grow closer after their break ups. Will they give their love another chance?

Unlike other dramas that focus on a devious plot, the characters in this drama will take center stage as they try to balance their life, work, and possibly love for one another.

As an American watching this series, the synopsis made me truly wonder if I would find anything of interest in it. It was also a bit of a sell to John.  However, it is pretty fast-paced (qualification: for a K-drama) and something of a shocking glimpse into how different television broadcasting is handled in South Korea.  It puts one on the edge of your seat, for sure!  Production is good, the characters are plentiful and diverse, and the acting (for the most part) is satisfactory.

The only complaint I would have is the romance between the two main characters... was it too realistic? Is it that the male character was too immature? I wanted to smack him several times.  While wanting to smack the male (or female) lead is almost a prerequisite for K-dramas, it is usually confined to the beginning of the series, rather than the end.  It's a process, a growth... maturity in the making.  But this was probably the first one I've seen where I felt like he was more of a jerk at the end than the beginning. ^__^;;

Regardless, it was good enough to watch more than once.


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