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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama's Supreme Court nominee: Sonia Sotomayor

A Hispanic woman nominated to the Supreme Court? Finally! I'm happy to see that Obama's weak decision-making with regards to Afghanistan or Iraq doesn't extend to internal issues such as these.

Speaking of good decisions, I am also pleased to report that Obama has stated his intent to enable a two-state solution for Israeli/Palestine, a solution our previous presidents of the past 50 years or so have done less than lip service to.
"President Obama offers the best chance yet to set new terms. He has acknowledged the legitimacy of both sides more than have previous presidents. Despite Netanyahu’s bluster, Obama knows that Israel cannot afford an altered relationship with the U.S. If ever there was a time to exert our diplomatic muscle, it is now. The entire region depends upon this most delicate and difficult dance towards peace. If the Netanyahu government cannot be brought to a saner place and fast, Israel stands to find itself in a dangerous and self-inflicted isolation from which it will be difficult to emerge."
Read the entire article by Marji Mendelsohn here.

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