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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

karin lowachee, author

EDITED September 14, 2010
My review of Gaslight Dogs by Karin Lowachee, as seen at Goodreads:  If you're expecting that this book may be part of the same sci-fi series as Karin Lowachee's last three publications (Warchild, Burndive and Cagebird), it's not. It's a fantasy, and a really interesting one. It also appears to be the first of a set or series, as well, as it ends with a cliffhanger. (Arrrgh! :D)

I heard something about steampunk... also, I think, a misleading idea. Think Inuit and Old West Rangers, and the effects of colonialism. Wrap that up with some "magic" -- though Sjenn would disagree -- and a really diverse set of characters, and you'll have a closer idea of what to expect from "The Gaslight Dogs".

I didn't feel quite as immersed into these characters as I did with her previous books. This could be many things: from the fact that it's written in third person vs. first person, to the fact that there are more characters in this story and she's setting it up to delve into these characters through multiple books, rather than having to fully flesh out the character in one open/end book. Another reason I feel this way: the characters of this story have such a different voice/existence from the hectic drive of her sci-fi characters; inevitable if you consider their experiences, but somewhat less engaging if you're in for the short haul.

It was a very interesting and unique fantasy, and I'll happily read through the series as it's published.

EDITED April 2, 2010
Bumping this post up to celebrate the at-long-last publication of The Gaslight Dogs by Karin Lowachee.  I know what I'll be buying on my lunch-break today.



Original post dated 7/23/2009
I am tempted to bitch and complain about the amount of time it is taking the The Gaslight Dogs to be published, but perfection cannot be rushed (as a mantra, it works.)

Karin Lowachee
has published 3 books in the series preceding The Gaslight Dogs--Warchild, Burndive and Cagebird. Each one of them has been absolutely fascinating. I have never run into another author who managed to write three novels from differing perspectives, while not losing my interest, not compromising on quality of writing and making sure each character is completely unique... basically making me love each and every one of them. No... in fact, I've loved each one even more than the one before.

I can't wait... >.<

No, no, I must. Perfection cannot be rushed. Just another 9 months to go.

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