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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It's summer... summer, summer, summer. You won't see much of me during this time of year--I prefer to be out and about in the sun, while I can. My physician diagnosed me as deficient in vitamin D, which is--ha!--a fact of life for pretty much every person in the Pacific Northwest. We simply don't get enough sun. So when we do, I love it.

I am apparently alone in my sun-worship.

Bento box + bonus fan service

We had weather a couple weeks ago ranging between the 80's - 90's, topping off a day or two at 100+ degrees. Stuck in a bus full of people who consider the 80's too hot, without any air-conditioning, and it's too much. Granted. :) But overall, I've loved it.

I keep including pictures of my bento boxes, packed in the morning for me by my husband, because they're pretty, it amuses me and I like to brag about how he spoils me. Because he's good at that. :) But more than his cooking and compulsive nurturing, I love his mind. You can find his insightful political posts here, under "John Lindsey."

As for Obama's "Bold Action" (as pictured above), I have to go on record with my disappointment in the lack thereof just now. The White House's waffling on the subject of a public option is terribly disheartening. Without a viable public option, this is not any kind of "Health care Reform", it's just a waste of every one's time, money and general indignation. Health care is a right, not a privilege. I thought I was done being embarrassed to be an American when Obama was elected, but it's aaaallll coming back to me now.

Can we do something right, something for the people, with this democracy? Just look at the polls. People want health care reform, they want health care, period! Why does the democracy apply only to companies-registered-as-people, and not the people-who-are-people? Where did we go wrong? Because this is wrong. Democracy is fueled by what what the people want, and the people want health care reform, not to protect the insurance company's bankroll. Democracy that actually provides the people with what they're asking for is being incorrectly-and-intentionally mislabeled as socialism by people who don't have your best interests at heart, and they're getting away with it.

How? Why?

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