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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

human rights campaign 2010 gala dinner

Edited 9/22/2010:
I heard from no-one; not a comment, not a peep. So what do I do? It's only two days away, and I have been so grossly ill that I haven't been to work since last Thursday.  So today, on my first day back, I went shopping.

I'm getting excited; when do I ever get an opportunity to get dressed up and mingle with the grown-ups? Well, more than John does, for sure... But having to go buy a 'black-tie' suitable dress (and stockings and shoes and everything)(watch that, you're drooling)... it's just titillating.

I'm rather shocked at myself.

But this post is a gloat over actually finding a dress I liked at Anthropologie today; one that fits and is in my price-range, being marked down to about a quarter of its original price... I kid you not.

I got the last one off the rack from the downtown Seattle store, hahaha. (:P) 

Did I mention... I decided to go with the "alternative" to a floor length gown, with red high heels and a red scarf draped around my shoulders? Hope I'm not turned away at the door.

Originally posted  9/12/2010:
I am excited to attend the upcoming Pacific Northwest Human Rights Campaign Gala Dinner later this month. My company is hosting a table of 10, and since I am involved deeply in our Diversity initiatives at work and a number of my clients also support HRC, I've managed to get my hands on one of the seats.

My only problem is... it's a black tie event and I have nothing to wear.  I've asked someone else at work -- who has attended before, and will be coming with me this year -- and she said she's seen floor length gowns.  Once my eyes uncrossed, I started fretting over my extremely corporate-business and common-active-wear closet.  And what does "she has seen" mean? What's the alternative, because I am totally not a 'floor-length gown' kinda gal.

My first thought was: can I wrangle an excuse to get something from Anthropologie out of this?  Watch me try.  However, if that doesn't work, my fall-back plan is Nordstrom.

Anyone have any alternative suggestions for a good store in Seattle to pick up a formal gown?

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