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~ Judah-ism

Friday, December 24, 2010

i won't find you (song)

  I Won't Find You by ThatJohn

This song is a project Johnny and two of his brothers were working on earlier this year.  He wrote it for our daughter during a particularly difficult time of her adolescence, when the two of us thought we might just go mad with worry and frustration. I think Johnny took comfort in putting some of it to words. 

I won't find you

storm chase in your eye
start it wild
but no, not now

start a fire with a lie
water wild
can you teach me how

never kept you from flying
but you want to fall
to hold any eye

never stepped into my mind
but you know it all
to hold my denial
we find no word true

I can wait for you
I won't find you, I don't need to
I can wait for you
it's only just one moment in time
I won't find you
never need to

storm taste as we die
little wild
but we still smile

storm catching your eye
running wild
wait a while

all caught up in one motion
tear in a heart this hole
for feeling so

you find me this way

[repeat chorus]

and this is the end
of one one place in time
one you and me

but I'll still pretend
I don't break apart
and hold as I start to hold on

for you

[repeat chorus]

Johnny (vocals, guitar)
Claude (vocals)
Jesse (drums)
me (groupie with connections)

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