philosophy at age eight

“If you cannot control your peanut butter, you cannot expect to control your life.”
~ Judah-ism

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

missing my family

While John packs the house alone, I am working between 11 - 13 hour days as we near our move-in date.  Five days and counting.

And tomorrow is Tiffy's birthday.  I should be hanging out with the family as they gather to talk about memories, history, songs... but will be at work until late at night instead, speaking at a Women's Networking event.  If I wasn't a co-leader of the Women's Networking circle, if I wasn't speaking at the event... there would be no way you could keep me away from my family that day. Even letting that stop me makes me feel pretty pathetic.

So tired. Through no one's fault in particular, there is peace no where to be found right now.

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