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“If you cannot control your peanut butter, you cannot expect to control your life.”
~ Judah-ism

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

engagement rules for being sick

We've been a household of sick since the holidays. My son Jude had the flu since prior to the holidays, and is only now really recovering. Of course he gave it to my daughter and I, and even my immuno-X-man husband got sick a week ago.

I, having the immune system of a STUPID, have gotten sick twice. Being that person who catches every bug that goes around, and then has trouble overcoming them, I've developed strict rules for coping, and limping toward recovery as quickly as possible:
    We got my daughter the dark one. To illustrate
    the girth and goodness of this bear,
    I've stolen a picture from here
    Keep in mind, this is a COSTCO cart.

  1. Sleep sitting up (this is harder than it sounds, especially with a semi-old back injury, and requires mounds and mounds of pillows. This time, I've made off with my daughter's birthday present from last year... a HUGE, soft and cuddly teddy bear. When I say huge, I mean it's bigger than my 17 year old daughter, and definitely fatter than me. And oh, so much softer. He wraps his little arms around me and... no, actually, I ruthlessly crush him beneath my head and shoulder, ahhhhhh...)
  2.  NyQuil (I told you, it's harder than you think to fall asleep sitting upright >.<)
  3. No dairy  (Mucus-attack!)
  4. Keep hydrated  (Tea, tea, tea, water and tea)
  5. Asthma inhaler prescription (apparently even if you're not asthmatic, you can "get" asthmatic when you're sick. Huh.)
There it is, my handy checklist of (wishfully) healthy living. 

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