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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

japanese salaryman style karaoke

According to the website, Seattle's "Rock Box" (located off Pine Street in Capital Hill) offers the experience of "Rocking like a salary-man".  Well, this salary-woman had seen enough Japanese and Korean TV shows where a group of people sing really bad karaoke in a private room -- slamming back drinks and appetizers --  that she really wanted to try it, too.

And since it was my birthday, and everyone had to do what I wanted, it was done. And I loved it!

Anyone who's read my blog for any amount of time knows that my family is not just big into music, but also musical (unfortunately, that doesn't include me...)  With a 10+ year age range difference in attendees, we had a pretty eclectic mix of tunes blasting, including:
There was more, but three drinks in three hours have pushed them from my mind.  Some of the raps I never knew in the first place, but that's alright.  I actually got roped into singing a couple duets myself, which I never thought would happen.

It turned out to be surprisingly affordable, despite appetizers, multiple drinks all around and a private room for 7 people. I'd definitely recommend it.

[More pictures to come.]

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