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Saturday, September 14, 2013

ignore the fan-girl squeee

September 14, 2013, update:
I am so glad I spent 1.5+ hours in line, in the middle of the street in downtown Seattle right outside the Paramount Theatre, for the chance to watch this event. My sister and her girlfriend joined as well.

It was my favorite part of PAX 2013.

Here's a little video I cobbled together from videos I took before I was laughing too hard to bother trying to memorex the moment.

July 19, 2013:  I just learned that Patrick Rothfuss, favorite author (Name of the Wind and A Wise Man's Fear) and entertainer of mine, will be coming to the Penny Arcade Convention (PAX) in Seattle this year.  My entire family, as well as my sister's, has made an annual pilgrimage to enjoy this con's barrage of cos players, crowded vendor halls, sneak-peeks of upcoming new games, gaming rooms (where I once spent hours discovering Bejeweled, of all things), gamer & nerd panels, concerts and -- simply -- all things nerd. It's a magical 3 days, even for a non-gamer like myself. And the addition of one of my favorite authors to play in a live D&D game means I'm going to have to give watching this event a try, too.

It'll be a new one for me, but since I used to love playing D&D, it can't be too bad watching someone else make a fool of themselves in front of a huge crowd, right? :)

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