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Sunday, August 1, 2010

come see Emily Lindsey perform...

 I am remiss, a year's worth of remiss, in posting this. But I was going through my videos, and found these videos I shot of Emily's performances at the New Orleans Benefit concert hosted by Jennifer Wildflower (linked below).  I thought I would share them, because she was amazing -- despite the bad quality of my camera's audio.

Etta James' "At Last", performed by Emily Lindsey.
(With impromptu accompaniment by John Lindsey [guitar] and Jesse Lindsey [drums].)

And a little piece she did for an encore; I'm not sure of the title.

Originally posted on 7/11/2009 the Friends of New Orleans' benefit concert, July 18th (next Saturday!)

She's the bomb.

She'll be joining God Made Flesh and performers from the Lindsey jams.

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