philosophy at age eight

“If you cannot control your peanut butter, you cannot expect to control your life.”
~ Judah-ism

Monday, August 16, 2010

worked 112 hours in last two weeks...

And I don't see it lightening up any time too soon. But I can hardly complain, after working so hard to get the job! :) The good part is that I am walking almost normally now, post-surgery. I can't make a full stride -- I know, because I tried today on my way to the library -- but I can put my full weight on my leg. I figure a little physical therapy should work wonders on my stride, since I simply haven't been able to walk with a full stride in about a year. No wonder the muscles have shrunk.

Yesterday was my son's 14th birthday party. "Angst" and "puberty" and "emo" have cropped up in his daily dialogue.  It was almost too humid to live, so we spent it out on the porch, or downstairs in the basement. I love the sun, craved it so bad when it was playing least-in-sight, but now that it's here... ;/ It's so humid. What the hell. I won't be overheated, but I'll be pouring sweat and sticky. Argh.

But next week I'm heading with my extended family to Long Beach for a week. Parents, sister+triumvirate, cousins and chil'ens. That... almost sounds relaxing.


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