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Thursday, April 29, 2010

more whining

The benefits received from physical therapy have plateaued (after readjusting my off-kilter pelvis bones, which did minimize the pain to some degree). I've therefore been referred to one of two surgeons in Seattle who are "really good" at the type of hip surgery I need. My consultation isn't for two more weeks, but my understanding is that they'll be shaving down some excess bone (a spur) on my femoral head (pictured right) that is grinding against my pelvis bone, and probably damaging my articular cartilage in the meantime (my "possible labral tear" according to the arthrogram). They'll also try to repair the labral while they're in there.

The spur is said to likely be caused by trauma when I hit the sidewalk (since it's on the opposite hip as which was struck).  I'll know more after the 17th.

Can I say?  I'd rather do this!  Stem cell repair on joints, and no surgery needed! That would be so... nice. :P

Anyway, I have to say that not having a working car for about 5 months, and commuting 100% by bus through my daily commute and all these Dr. appointments, is getting increasingly painful and dispiriting. But then I imagine trying to operate a manual shift with my hip protesting at the most unexpected times and the achy, old feeling that lingers through the day... and realize I just can't be pleased. :) Both sound depressing. I just really, really want this over and done with.

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