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“If you cannot control your peanut butter, you cannot expect to control your life.”
~ Judah-ism

Monday, December 6, 2010

damily rants

I'm not posting about the big Thanksgiving we had on Saturday with the whole family, because it was just too traumatic, and the last thing I want to do is rehash it when everyone else is so busy rehashing it over dinner anyway.  I'm going to stick to my assertion that this damily (Freudian-typo slip that I am just going to leave in, because though he's mostly full of shit, this amused me) is just not prepared to deal with, or ready to face, Tiffy's death.  And I for one resent feeling pressured to do so. In fact, I'm doing a lot of resenting of family drama and obligations these days, which only convinces me further that I'm not operating within normal parameters. I've become an emotional zombie, and I'm just leaving it at that.

Still un-browned/steamed
The crab pot stickers were a huge hit, though; check them out, I finally uploaded all the pictures from my camera. We got pretty quick baggin' those suckers by the end of the first package of wraps.

I hear that someone might be bringing baggies of already-shelled crab (smart move) to make more of them this Friday night at the jamming session.  Unfortunately, I will miss it due to my Holiday Party at work, but I hope they make lots and lots so I can sneak into the kitchen late at night and wallow and filch until my fingers are dripping with the delicious sauce Johnny makes, mmmm!

Speaking of my work Holiday party:  because of the economic meltdown, my employer hasn't hosted a holiday party for the last two years following my transfer up to Washington State from the Los Angeles office; rather, they donated the money to charities.  So I don't really know how they throw a holiday party in this office, being so much smaller, and so... well, Seattle-like. :D  Is it staid? Is it boring? Is it tense and snobby?  Am I snobby?!  Anyway, I hadn't decided whether to go or not until Sarah, my fellow Korean-drama-watching-friend at work, invited me to be her date since her husband wouldn't be able to make it.  Which sounded like just the thing, since I fatalistically will not bother asking and being turned down again by John. Crowds make him anxious.  (That man of mine... he'll spend hours watching Asian dramas with me, and play his guitar and sing me to sleep when I need it. He'll also spend hours making the perfect homemade pot sticker and real ramen, but he won't take me out for all the free wining and dining that we could possibly want.  Sigh. /rant)

So that's what I'm going to do. Have a party. Without Johnny or Mary. :(

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