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Thursday, July 7, 2011

where education actually matters

"Robosem" classroom robot from Yujin.
Between this and this, South Korea has got it going. I've been known to snicker during certain South Korean dramas when the actors passionately declare their country's technological leadership (see: City Hunter) -- but from what I can tell, they've reason to be proud.

As someone who's so very ambivalent about American public schools that my partner and I have home schooled both of our kids on a regular basis--when they've said they want to be--this interest and actual investment on the part of the Korean government into their people's education is a little bitter. I wonder what kind of revolution it would take for American politicians to at least pretend to care about the experience of our children in public schools. (Bitter much?)

And by the way, congratulations to South Korea on winning the 2018 Winter Olympics bid!  

Photo credit: Singularity Hub

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