philosophy at age eight

“If you cannot control your peanut butter, you cannot expect to control your life.”
~ Judah-ism

Saturday, July 2, 2011

red bullx4 squared

I woke up this lazy morning and surfed around looking at the latest kdrama's available (I'm obsessed with City Hunter at the moment). Then mother dropped by and we chatted over coffee about how fun it is not to be allergic to everything but meat and half of the vegetables on this planet (the less plentiful half). Then we puttered around in my wanna-be garden, picking the just-ripened crop of red, sweet strawberries, clucked our tongue over the thirsty rhubarb and harvested peppermint for tea. Whereupon mother metaphorically raised her middle finger at her elimination diet by popping a few strawberries in her mouth -- yeah, that's not one of the vegetables she's allowed to eat. (Sucks to be denied all sugars!)

A delicious treat by Johnny, "Omurice"
When mother left, I jumped in the shower to head off some sort of stinging nettle-type reaction we'd stirred up in the garden (which is why it's a wanna-be garden -- our strawberries fight hard for their survival against weeds of all kinds, because we have no idea what's legitimate or not.)  While soaping up, surrounded by the smell of summer coming in the open window, I realized I was grinning at nothing at all, and then... that I was happy, perfectly happy, right this moment.  My hip is healing wonderfully. I am day two into my four-day holiday for the 4th of July. The kids are off having fun at their grandma's, and Johnny and I are spending lazy days basking in each other's uninterrupted presence -- getting special treats to enjoy, making scrumptious meals, watching dramas into the night, having BBQs with beloved family and just spoiling each other. It's been heavenly.

And as soon as I realized I was happy, I wanted to post about it. I haven't really wanted, or had the energy, to post about something in quite a while (who wants to showcase their endless stress?)  But this morning, climbing from the shower, Savarna was the first thing I thought of. Does that mean blogging here makes me happy? :)

Those moments are nothing to sneeze at. Despite all the shit life throws at you, I hope everyone has those soft moments where you realize that you're perfectly happy right this second, even if it is gone the next. It keeps you going. Like Red Bullx4 squared.  And for me, it's all about family. (Which I find somewhat ironic, to be sure.)

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