philosophy at age eight

“If you cannot control your peanut butter, you cannot expect to control your life.”
~ Judah-ism

Thursday, June 4, 2009

my nerd-like art

My sister-in-law wrote the beautiful poem pictured above, so for her birthday I drew it out for her and affixed it to the inside of an old, torn-off hard book-cover. I love the process of making up different lettering styles and combining them for a unique feel. And lucky me, my locally owned and operated book store allows me to comb through their selection of used books that they will be donating for old, broken hardbacks to recycle. Since I am a fanatic book-lover who can't stand the idea of cannibalizing a perfectly good old book, I have to hunt down already doomed ones for my pieces.

And, of course, the Harry Potter quote for a friend who is a huge fan--and slaves for accountants day in and day out.

Now to find the perfect one for my sister's birthday this week. All you Gemini babies are killing me; I'm wounded, here!

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