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Thursday, June 11, 2009

hematoma is the ick...

My tangle with the truck broke no bones, and my Dr.'s comment was "Wow, you're a tough one, aren't you? Get hit by a truck and get up and go home." Of course, I didn't just stroll there, and I've been regretting my instinctive desire to head for home and privacy ever since.

Though the insurance of the driver of the truck has accepted all liability and I am covered 100% for medical, I have been turned away from 5 medical establishments in the week following the accident, many of them well-respected and hospital affiliated, who "weren't set up for third party billing" and expected me to pay out of pocket for my medical expenses, and then try to collect from the car insurance. As if I'm stupid enough to put myself in that position! I actually had to limp out of two of them, after setting up appointments, because even though I advised them it was a motor vehicle accident and was paying through car insurance, they didn't see fit to advise me before-hand that they wouldn't accept payment (100% coverage!) through 'third party insurance.'

I'm sorry, how is car insurance coverage more third party than health insurance? This is the best medical coverage out there? This is ideal? It took me a week to get seen by a Dr. after being thrown to the ground by a truck. I was weeping with sheer frustration outside building of the second doctor's office I was turned away from until the office security came over to assure me 'everything would get better, whatever it was'--maybe he thought I'd been advised I had cancer or something, rather than being overcome with sheer frustrated rage.

Our doctor offices and hospital affiliations are so small, or understaffed, or cannot afford to go through all the red tape to bill for my coverage? This is Seattle, for gawd's sake, not some backwater place with few healthcare options. What this really is, is bullshit. Healthcare reform now, please, thx.

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