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“If you cannot control your peanut butter, you cannot expect to control your life.”
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving

Because the snow has made Johnny's oldest brother's house unassailable, our traditional -- okay, I didn't know it was a tradition, but have since learned that two years a tradition makes! -- Thanksgiving house for the my husband's family and my family has been cut off until Saturday. "Oh, yay!" I thought. "Two more days to drag myself to the grocery store by bus to buy supplies for whatever dish I haven't yet decided to make!" Two days hence, we will have Thanksgiv-----


Apparently, the unanimous response of the family members who aren't stuck up in the hilly Eastside frost caves was to turn hard and bright eyes to the next oldest brother, Johnny. And hence I learn, last night, that I am having Thanksgiving for a dozen or more family members at my house today. With a table that doesn't begin to fit a dozen people, and not enough bowls. And food?

Last night we dragged our asses through the snow to the grocery store (and by the way, the bus in snow chains in freezing weather is four kind of loud hell!) and bought:

  • Raspberry Chipotle dip, cream cheese & club crackers. 
  • Half-n-half for coffee... and maybe mashed potatoes if I can find a recipe.  (Yes, I said it. Find a recipe for mashed potatoes.)  
That's right. Dip and mashed potatoes, if they're lucky. I have announced, through email and with suitably frantic adjectives, that anything resembling a turkey dinner will be on the heads of those who come!   >.<  They've been warned.

But Johnny's sister, O, bought the stuff for Green Bean Casserole, so I think I should stop puttering around on the computer avoiding the kitchen, and go help her make it.  Since that's one thing I can't seem to forget how to make.  (Even though I've tried. <3  The problem is Johnny isn't a fan, so I can't trust him to learn how to make it. So if I want it, I'll have to make it, mer. :( Ah, the sad life of a working mother!)

Wish me luck.

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